Should you become a real estate agent?

Have you bought or sold a house recently and absolutely loved the experience? Do you find yourself looking at real estate online even though you don’t actually have a home to buy or sell? You may be an agent at heart. It’s time to consider whether or not you’d be happy with a career in real estate.

Step One | Are you happy?

Figure out if you’re happy with your current job or if it’s time to open a new chapter. How will you know? Take a look at what Forbes says are the 14 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job.

Step Two | Do you love real estate?

Gauge your interest in Real Estate and consider whether or not you’d truly enjoy a career in the Real Estate industry. Kaplan Real Estate Education has written a fantastic list of pros and cons to help you decide— is a career in real estate right for you?

Step Three | Find a great team.

Now that you’ve decided that Real Estate is what you love and that it’s in your best interest to become a Real Estate professional, it’s time to find a team to join. Fit is crucial, and you’ll want to ensure that the broker and agents live by a motto you can stand for. Use ‘s 12-Point Company Preference Checklist to guide you:

  1. Size
  2. Brand Prominence
  3. Facilities
  4. Location
  5. Training
  6. Experience
  7. Management
  8. Administrative Support
  9. Commission Schedule
  10. Culture
  11. Recognition for Achievement
  12. Specialties

Consider Wolf Realty

Do we fit the bill? Click the image below to let us know when you’re interested in meeting the team– be sure to pick a date and time so we can take you out to coffee and show you what we’re all about!

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