When I went on a trip to Nagasaki.

When I went on a trip to Nagasaki. Speaking of Nagasaki, ""Udon noodles"" in ""Champon"". I wanted to eat absolutely, I was talking with a friend. ""Udon Udon"" is supposed to be in the menu of dinner at the hotel to stay on that day, so we decided to eat lunch ""Champon"" that day which we arrived in Nagasaki. Leave your friend as a traveling secretary. Since the net was not so popular as it is now, there was almost no undertaking, and I entered the Champon store which I saw first at the station I went down from. The first meal on the journey is to raise the tension of the trip, and if you are in front of the station ... expected big. But hey, the Champon that I was offered was too far for us beginners, not too standard Champa. Shop often dealing with Oriental medicine, often looking inside the shop. It was Champon with traditional Chinese medicine. Certainly, from now on, we may have become nourishing tonic for us who spend 3 nights and 2 nights traveling in Kyushu! Is it? It might have been thanks to the first Champon that I could spend my time in hot Kyushu without having a battle.

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